The Promise and Peril of Generative A.I. Listen now (46 min) | A conversation with Dr. Scott Hawley
Attention, Love, and Freedom In the Work of Iris MurdochListen now (53 min) | A conversation with Prof. Benjamin Lipscomb
Rethinking Sex: A provocation Listen now | A lecture by Christine Emba
Reading Augustine’s City of God in a Time of CrisesListen now (37 min) | A lecture by Dr. Michael Allen
Spiritual Disciplines for the Digital AgeListen now (62 min) | A conversation with Dr. Stephanie Bennett
“The Wisdom of Qoheleth: Ecclesiastes as a Meditation on Life in a Troubled World”Listen now (78 min) | Dr. Horner's Final Lecture as Executive Director
"Contradictions in the Gospels: The Matthew Problem"Listen now (48 min) | A Lecture By Dr. Richard Horner
"Taming Chaos: Generative Modeling As a Foil to Human Creativity"Listen now (51 min) | A guest lecture by Dr. Scott Hawley
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