Apr 15, 2022 • 48M

"Contradictions in the Gospels: The Matthew Problem"

A Lecture By Dr. Richard Horner

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In this episode of our podcast, we are pleased to bring you audio of a lecture delivered on Tuesday, March 29th by our director, Dr. Richard Horner. Here is how Dr. Horner described the talk:

Why does Matthew tell the story of Jesus differently from Mark and Luke? Perhaps he is confused or mistaken, but if not, then what is he doing? Come join us for a brief exploration of this problem, for a glimpse of how the four gospels relate to each other, and for a taste of what we’ve been offering in “Reading the Gospels” over the past twenty years.

Next week, you can look for audio of Dr. Horner’s final lecture as executive director, “The Wisdom of Qoheleth: Ecclesiastes as a Meditation on Life in a Troubled World.”

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“The Four Evangelists” by Pieter Soutman (1620s)