May 13, 2022 • 1HR 18M

“The Wisdom of Qoheleth: Ecclesiastes as a Meditation on Life in a Troubled World”

Dr. Horner's Final Lecture as Executive Director

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In this episode of our podcast, we are pleased to bring you audio of a lecture delivered on Tuesday, April 12th by our director, Dr. Richard Horner. Here is how Dr. Horner described the talk:

Perhaps no book in the Hebrew Bible has been more difficult to interpret and translate than the book of Ecclesiastes. To what reality does the famous opening phrase point? Exactly what question is the author trying to address? What answers does he give? What wisdom does this book have to offer to us today for how to live well in a broken and troubled but wondrous world?

This was no ordinary talk at the Study Center. It was Dr. Horner’s final lecture after more than twenty years as the Center’s executive director. The evening began with a full house for reception honoring Dr. Horner. Also, as you will hear in the recording, Dr. Horner’s lecture was preceded by some brief remarks from Dr. Jay Lynch, the founder, along with his wife Laura, of the center and the president of the Center’s board, paying tribute to Dr. Horner’s service and God’s faithfulness.

You can download a PDF of Dr. Horner’s handout for the talk here: “Reading Ecclesiastes.”

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During the summer months, the podcast will be mostly on hiatus, but we will resume in the fall with more interviews and audio from study center events.