Mar 7 • 53M

Ukraine, Nuclear Orthodoxy, and Social Media

A Conversation with Prof. Jon Askonas

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With the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominating the headlines and the specter of nuclear conflict darkening our imagination, we’re glad to bring you a conversation with Dr. Jonathan Askonas, associate professor of politics at the Catholic University of America and an expert in Russian-American military affairs.

The conversation covers a lot of ground, beginning with a discussion of the origins of the present crisis and going on to consider the religious dimensions of the Russian nuclear service and the role the internet plays in modern warfare.

During the discussion of nuclear warfare, Dr. Askonas referred to Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics, and Strategy by Prof. Dmitry Adamsky. You can read a book review round table moderated by Dr. Askonas here. The day after I interviewed Dr. Askonas, Prof. Adamsky published a commentary on the present situation at Foreign Affairs: “Russia’s Menacing Mix of Religion and Nuclear Weapons.”

During the final minutes of the conversation, we also discuss the work of the late French theorist, Paul Virilio, specifically The Administration of Fear.

We hope you find this conversation helpful and illuminating.